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Nitemare Productions

New playground website in the works

Posted by Nitemare on 2011-10-12 16:20 EDT

This post is to announce a new project I am working on, Essentually it will be a database with detailed information on the different playgrounds in the Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe Area.

View the full story for feature list.

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Posted by Nitemare on 2011-02-16 19:28 EST

I've decided to rebrand the company and website to "Nitemare Solutions" which brings a closer feeling to the nature of the company.

I originally came up with "Nitemare Productions" sevveral years back, when i was doing 3D animation videos, i thought that i might be doing that in the future, But as my hosting developed, and I started designing website, I don't think it fits anymore.

So as of today, "Nitemare Productions" is now "Nitemare Solutions", Your solution to all your website needs.

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Billing system Update

Posted by Nitemare on 2010-03-20 23:29 EDT

As you may have noticed, recently the billing system has not worked correctly, This was due to an update to PHP 5.3 which after working with ClientExec, the makers of the system, we have corrected and should be working fine

If you continue to see problems, please let me know and I will look in to it right away.

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Ad randomizer system

Posted by Nitemare on 2009-05-02 14:12 EDT

Well it was brought to my attention that my Ad randomizer system for the mybb system, which caused disabled or expired ads to display

I have since corrected this error, and also done a few minor changes to the code, nothing big, just making the plugins name consistant throught the code

I've submited the update, version 5.0.2, to the mod database, and should be active shortly.

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Hosting sign up

Posted by Nitemare on 2009-04-13 16:41 EDT

I've gotten all the hosting plans set up and sign up is now open, feel free to sign up for your own hosting account at any time from here: Hosting page

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Official Release

Posted by Nitemare on 2009-04-12 16:27 EDT

Here we go, rather then leave the under construction sign up, I've decided to open the site with what i have now, although not complete, its good enough to show, at least i believe it is blink1.gif i haven't gotten the extra pages done yet, but you can still see the lovely new look smile.gif

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First Post

Posted by Nitemare on 2009-04-11 21:22 EDT

Welcome all, this is the first post of a brand new layout, so with the new layout, I'm going to try to get the hosting sign up forms set up, so people can get up their own hosting them selves blink1.gif

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