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Countdown - MSG Plus! Live Script

Adds a Counter (upwards or downwards) to your personal message or nickname.

The Personal Message/Nickname is customizable, and so is how often it updates.

3 basic commands do tha same thing the menu buttons do:
!cdEnable = Enables the counter and saves the current PSM
!cdDisable = Disables the counter and restores the orginal PSM
!cdConfig = Opens the configuration panel, which is pretty simple

the 4th and 5th only work in conversations, so they are not in the menus:
!cdPrint = Send your psm in the conversation, but only when the counter is active
!cdUpdate = Updates your timer *New*
(!cd mm/dd/yyy hh:mm:ss) = Works in the middle of a sentance, replaces with a counter based on what you enter

New features:
****Version 3.0.16****
New Major Release, including half a dozen new features/options, code updates, and minor bug fixes:
-Minor bug fixes
-Little cleaner code
-New Feature - Preview window: to preview what changes will look like in your Personal message/NickName
-New Feature - InConversation Tag: which allows you to use (!cd mm/dd/yyy hh:mm:ss) in the middle of any sentence to display a counter
-New Option: do not refreash when there are no contacts online, this saves some flooding in your logs
-New Option: the option of weather or not to disable the timer when all values are zero
-New Feature: added %D value (note: must be capitalized or it will mean the days value), this allows you to enter a word that means "ago" or "since" for a count up timer
-New Option: the option of weather or not to remove the counter when disabled

***WARNING***: The lower the refresh rate, the more flooded your Chat logs will be, i recommend using a value of 5 minutes or more

How to use this script:
- Make sure you have Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live installed.
- Download the script, open it, accept the warning and press Import.
- Click on the Messenger Plus! logo in your contactlist.
- Click on Count Down > Configure CountDown.
Click Here to go to Count Down's download page

Comeback - MSG Plus! Live Script

This script adds similar functionality of the Plus! 3.x's Comeback messages, plus a little bit more.

Well not everybody has Windows XP or Windows live messenger, and WLM does not send offline messages to non-WLM clients(or at least not always), so this allows you to set a message for them to see when they come online.

-Sets a comeback message for the user your typing to

-deletes the pending message.

-Sets a note to be displayed in a popup message on your screen only. useful if you want to remind your self of a topic of discussion when a user returns. (note: the note will not be removed untill you delete it via the command below, or the button on the pop up)

-deletes the pending note.

-Toggles the scripts option on whether or not to override existing mesages if a new message is entered

-opens up the manager window to edit/delete existing notes.
Click Here to do to Comeback's download page

Emergency Message System - MyBB Plugin

This Plug in will allow you to:

-Display an alert on the index page or every page for users
-select 1 of 8 different colours
-create multiple alerts
-see which admin made the alert
-ability to set the display order of each alert
-smilie supported

this plugin was completely recoded so some of the old featurs are not yet readded, but everyhing above should be working
if you find an error, please post it on my Mybb forum thread or please file a ticket.
Click Here to go to Emergency Message System's download page

Ad Randomizer System - MyBB Plugin

This ads will display a banner on your forum, at random, from a mysql database table.

-1.4.* compatable
-Fully automated(no modifying files required)
-Add/edit/delete/disable features
-displays a random banner from the database in the forum footer
-displays all the banners in the banneradmin
-set a maximum number of views, after that number the banner will expire, or set it for infinate views
-you can disable a banner so it will not be displayed
-very nifty admin panel

-add multi-language support


1. place the file Ads.php in to your plugin folder (/inc/plugins/)
2. Install the plugin
-if you have put a banner in the rotar, you should see it, if not, make sure {$banner} was added to the footer template
-if you don't have a banner you won't see a change.

that should be all there is

if you find an error, please post it on my Mybb forum thread or please file a ticket.
Click Here to go to Ad Randomizers's download page

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